We work with governments, public and private sector institutions to develop and deliver strategies that support growth, deliver value and capture economic opportunity.

NineSquared are experts in strategic development and review. Our team has worked with clients to develop strategies and programs across both infrastructure and service delivery, utilising our industry experience and our commercial and economic expertise to develop innovative strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

We have experience in the development of strategic plans and programs, public-private partnerships, procurement design, strategic business case development, and analysis and assurance. Our extensive networks in federal, state and local government and within the private sector means we have a wide range of sources to draw insights from. We can sound out ideas and help build a coalition of support for projects.

Our strategy development and review expertise

We help decision-makers examine issues such as:

  • The development and assessment of modal transport strategies
  • Future technology roadmaps to assist in strategic planning for procurement decisions
  • Current challenges and future directions for transport modelling
  • How to make use of new data sets to inform strategic planning and decision making

In addition to our specific advice on projects, our in-depth knowledge has been applied to major strategic reviews, advising on:

  • The development and communication of strategies and strategic plans
  • Policy and organisational reviews to improve future service delivery outcomes
  • Gaps or additional opportunity areas that could be considered
  • Reviews of progress against strategic planning goals and objectives
  • How issues relating to governance and performance management can be dealt with