A feasibility study provides sufficient evidence to inform next steps. At NineSquared, we can help you understand the potential viability of a project and the next steps to start to bring it to reality.

We can help you focus resources on developing projects which are likely to provide the best return on investment. We help our clients pinpoint viable solutions by analysing technically feasible options and assessing the financial and economic impacts. For projects where the initial analysis suggests a positive business case, the feasibility analysis can also highlight the barriers which will need to be addressed before a project can succeed.

Feasibility study expertise

NineSquared is experienced at conducting feasibility studies across a range of projects and sectors. We use a variety of methods to inform the analysis and identify areas which require further investigation.

The NineSquared team can assist your feasibility assessment through:

  • Conducting rapid and full cost-benefit analyses to assess the social, financial and economic impact of a project
  • Assessing scenarios, switching values, multiple sensitivity tests and quantitative analysis of risks to understand the full picture in the face of uncertainty
  • Working through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of different options
  • Applying sophisticated analysis to multicriteria analysis to compare options against competing objectives
  • Assessing the economic impact of a project including a project’s contribution to local, state and national economies, employment impacts and wider economic benefits.
  • Undertaking financial and commercial analysis to provide cost estimates, funding options and profitability