Environmental economics is critical for making informed decisions about the use, conservation, and protection of natural resources. It provides valuable insights about choices people make, the costs and benefits of various proposed measures, and the likely outcome of environmental and other policies on both the environment and the economy.

Environmental economics assesses the links and interactions between the environment and human economic markets. It envelopes the understanding of the capacities and vulnerabilities of the natural environment and its ability to adapt and respond to changing conditions and challenges. Environmental economics considers natural resources as fundamental assets for the economy at regional, national and global scales. We use environmental economics to navigate the common interaction of economic analysis with markets, externalities and valuing the environment as natural, often tradeable, capital.

At NineSquared, our data-driven, technical, problem-solving expertise, combined with our advisory experience to both government and private sectors, means that we can provide our clients with the insight to allow them to better understand the cost of their environmental impact and the value of the opportunities that exist.

Our Services

We provide clients in the environmental, resource, waste, policy and technology sectors with economic advice, including:

  • Project appraisals – We help our clients appraise the economic and financial viability of environmentally sensitive projects.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments – We can provide expert review of the economic and social impacts of projects that are required to develop Environmental Impact Assessments under State and National regulation
  • Cost-benefit analysis – We help policymakers understand how to efficiently use resources to accomplish their desired goals by weighing the costs of alternatives against potential benefits.
  • Economic modelling – We actively collaborate and partner with research institutions to help guide the practical design and implementation of economic modelling tools for the environmental sector, and use these economic models in our client work.
  • Advice on market design for environmental goods and services – We can help clients identify and understand how to utilise markets to offset their environmental impact in a economically efficient and cost effective way.
  • Regulation review and development – We can help clients understand the impact of environmental regulations on business as well as work with the public sector to identify areas for development and reform

The NineSquared CV

  • Seaweed offset market design and development
  • NSW parks and Wildlife prioritisation project
  • Economic comparison of electric buses and light rail systems