NineSquared use established assurance frameworks and benchmarks to help set our clients’ programs and projects up for success.

Providing assurance advice is not just about ticking boxes and checking work. It’s about providing our clients with best practice information and strategies to improve the performance and outcomes for important programs and projects.

Assurance frameworks

We use several assurance frameworks when undertaking reviews for our clients. These frameworks centre on providing confidence assessments on key focus areas, based on risk. The assurance frameworks are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and the program or project under review.

Our approach to assurance reviews

Our approach to assurance reviews is to create a collaborative conversation that allows interviewers and interviewees to learn from each other. Sharing new and different perspectives is essential to ensure a review provides the best possible advice and sets all parties on the path to success.

Proactive reviews

Proactive reviews, which provide early advice, are important. Project management evidence consistently shows the best and most influential changes can be made, at least cost, early in the project lifecycle. Our assurance team is skilled in the conduct of assurance interviews and can provide helpful advice at all stages of your project.


We can assist across a wide range of program and assurance tasks, including:

  • Undertaking assurance reviews of small and large programs and projects at any stage of the project lifecycle
  • Providing targeted reviews on specific matters, including assurance/peer reviews of economic and financial appraisals, policy initiatives, project and program implementation, organisational and governance arrangements, and benefits realisation
  • Developing risk assurance frameworks that link enterprise risks to specific program and project risks
  • Ensuring robust reporting and monitoring mechanisms are in place
  • Providing best practice advice on assurance frameworks used by different organisations and sectors in both the government and private sector
  • Providing detailed implementation advice and support to assist clients with actioning the recommendations of assurance reviews
  • Providing post-review follow up and support to clients to help ensure their project is successful