Funding education infrastructure and services represent a large proportion of national and state government expenditure. Making good decisions about how funding is allocated is critical to ensuring positive outcomes for both students and the general community.

NineSquared can help clients in the education sector assess the impacts of new school infrastructure ensuring that school projects are optimised to meet future needs and provide benefit to the community. We are trusted advisors to the government, providing economic, commercial, policy and assurance advice to help you make decisions supported by evidence.

Our Services

We offer expert advice, including project appraisals, cost-benefit analysis, financial and commercial appraisals, and program assurance to clients in the education sector. We provide clients with advice on demographics, asset and services prioritisation, investment in new school developments, and brownfield redevelopments as advising clients on school transport services.

How The Education Sector Is Changing

Our clients face many project appraisal challenges within the education sector:

  • Growing student and parent demands for quality schooling environments and outcomes
  • Matching student demand with available school facilities
  • The impact of digital-ready learning on the design and layout of school classrooms
  • Undertaking major school redevelopments in inner-city areas
  • Providing new schools in growing population areas
  • Encounter challenges with funding for capital construction and ongoing operation

The NineSquared CV

  • Peer Review of the Economic and Commercial Analysis for the new Brisbane Inner City South High School
  • Expert peer reviewer for School Infrastructure NSW for school project and education precinct business cases supporting the NSW Government’s $6.7 billion investment over the next four years to deliver 190 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW
  • Review of NSW Education’s Cluster Strategy and School Planning Assistance Tool
  • Transaction and implementation advice on major PPP school projects in Queensland and South Australia
  • Review of school transport funding arrangements
  • Review of school transport pricing
Recent Education Engagements
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Assurance Review of the NSW Education School Cluster Planning and School Planning Assistance Tool

Project & Program Assurance

Steve Richards

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Assurance Review of the Detailed Business Case for the Chatswood Education Precinct

Project & Program Assurance

Steve Richards