Transport is essential to the efficient working of the economy. NineSquared tackle important and complex problems facing clients in the transport sector, providing them with insightful economic analysis to make strong, evidence-based decisions.

NineSquared is the trusted advisor to a wide range of transport companies, regulators and government departments across Australia on regulatory, competition and business strategy issues. We help our clients design effective transport policies and create resilient transport infrastructure for tomorrow.

Our Services

Our transport and economics experts have significant experience in the transport sector.

Each of our principals and consultants has an in-depth understanding of the commercial, legal, operational and practical issues involved in each mode of transport, including passenger transport, freight and maritime transport in the private and public sectors.

Our transport economics services include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis: Empowering informed decision-making with robust economic and financial analysis
  • Regulatory economics: Setting boundaries between competition and regulation with regulatory economics
  • Demand analysis and forecasting: Analysing and predicting how consumers will behave and their impact on policy design, company and industry finances
  • Pricing and fare modelling: Using sophisticated quantitative analysis and financial modelling to identify the factors that are most important in pricing decisions
  • Contract and franchise design: Analysing the long-term impact of contracts on market outcomes and ensuring a contract is effective across its life with an ongoing effective allocation of risk and value for money for all parties
  • Public policy: Providing strategic policy advice to improve transport infrastructure and service quality.

Transport Sectors

  • Passenger Transport
  • Freight
  • Roads
  • Maritime Transport
  • Aviation
  • Ports

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