Through rigorous data analysis, industry and sector expertise, NineSquared helps clients to identify, quantify and prioritise the opportunities available to them.

Identifying, assessing and prioritising all available options is key to ensuring that companies maximise opportunities to create greater value, optimise community outcomes and meet objectives at the lowest cost.

Explore your options

Fully understanding your available options and their potential impact on your goals is essential to maximising your opportunities, developing more robust business plans and minimising risk. Our industry experts and economists can work with your team to clarify your strategic requirements, develop options and design models tailored to your specific needs. This will allow us to evaluate each option, testing them against a variety of ‘what if’ scenarios.

We can incorporate risk and uncertainty into our models to identify the potential range of outcomes from each option, providing decision-makers with a much richer picture of the choices available to them. Ultimately, this will allow you to build realistic, actionable strategies to achieve your organisational and policy goals.


Prioritise opportunities

With constrained budgets and limited time, effective project selection is crucial to ensuring that opportunities are maximised. We can help you prioritise projects and investment opportunities using structured approaches based on economic analysis, the evaluation of multiple non-financial attributes, and the preferences of decision-makers.


Know the economic impact of your project

Understanding and communicating the economic, financial and social impacts of your project provides decision-makers with assurance about the value being created. Beyond simply meeting decision maker’s requirements, detailed cost-benefit analysis and economic impact assessments can help inform how projects and policies are designed and delivered to improve value.

NineSquared can work with your organisation to undertake cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and other project appraisal techniques and methods that are essential components of business cases for major investment opportunities, as well as for understanding the impact of policy initiatives on the community.

We can also help you analyse and demonstrate the economic contribution that your work makes to local, regional and national economies through its impact on economic activity, employment and taxation.


How We Can Help

We use a range of economic techniques, such as cost-benefit analysis and economic impact assessments, to provide clients with greater visibility of the financial, economic and social impact of proposed options and opportunities. We combine rigorous economic and financial modelling with industry expertise to provide a real-world assessment of your opportunities.