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NineSquared balances economic rigour with practical commercial advice to deliver business insights and help shape public policy.

We are passionate about helping our clients solve their most important commercial and public policy problems.


We offer our clients expert knowledge in economics with customised commercial and policy advice designed to help make complex decisions easier.

Our rigorous economic analysis helps our clients make intelligent decisions that benefit both their organisation and the greater community. We work with decision-makers working in organisations of all sizes, from national and state government departments to major private sector firms and small organisations.

Our team brings problem-solving expertise from fields as diverse as economics, mathematics, finance, political science, geography and environmental science. We draw upon these unique perspectives to develop truly effective, innovative solutions for our clients.

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Analyse local, national and international developments to provide insight into risks and opportunities.

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Take advantage of our economic and commercial analysis and our industry and sector expertise to identify, understand and prioritise opportunities.

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Make better decisions with evidence-based insights tailored to your commercial or public policy requirements

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Renting batteries – Incentivising EV owners to connect to the grid

Transport Economics Economics Research & Analysis

Simon Sagerer


EV owners could hold the key to lowering Australia’s future energy costs Download the full report. Our report produced in partnership with Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC) and Endgame Economics shows...

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2023 Fares Benchmarking Report

Fare Setting

Robin Barlow


Oscar Pollack


2023 Fares Benchmarking Report released The NineSquared Fares Benchmarking Report for 2023 has been released. The report is the ninth in the fares benchmarking series and again includes an assessment...

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Our People

We are an economics firm that employs geographers, mathematicians, accountants, political scientists and even a marine scientist. Our collective diversity allows different perspectives to be applied to solving our client’s problems

Dedication to Clients

Our clients’ issues don’t follow a schedule and nor do we. That’s one of the reasons we solve problems, not fill out timesheets.

A Culture of Ideas

I am proud of our people and the different experiences they bring. It creates a culture where solutions can come from left field.

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NineSquared has contributed to the success of important national, state and business projects across Australia. Find out more about our work in transport, infrastructure, water, health, education, environment, resources and mining, and government.

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We combine economic and commercial analysis with deep matter expertise and experience in the specific industry sectors in which we work

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The RBA’s November Statement of Monetary Policy forecasts inflation to remain higher for longer

Economics Research & Analysis

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Resources & Mining

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