Setting the structure and level of fares for public transport plays a crucial role in effective public transport policy design. At NineSquared, we can analyse the impact of fare initiatives to ensure your policy objectives are met.

Why is fare setting important?

Fare setting can be a complex process with many factors at play. Ensuring that fare products, policies and prices contribute to overall policy objectives while meeting revenue targets is critical to the on-going success of a public transport service as part of the overall transport mix in urban settings. Understanding how products, policies and prices interact and how they are supported or constrained by technology and broader policy considerations all need to be taken into account in the fare development process.

Fare setting expertise

NineSquared consultants have significant experience in fare setting, including:

  • Transport supply costs analysis
  • Willingness to pay assessment
  • Demand forecasting
  • Fare zone reorganisation
  • School transport fare analysis
  • Consumer and supplier subsidy analysis
  • Automated fare collection systems
  • Forecast fare models
  • Monte-Carlo risk analysis
  • Fare Benchmarking

Benefits of our fare setting services

Well-designed solutions

NineSquared helps your organisation strike the right balance between cost recovery and patronage now and into the future. We develop bespoke models, tailored to the specific requirements of clients that take into account fare structure, demographics, modes and fare policy rules. Our fare modelling can be used to inform fare strategies by providing an understanding of various fare scenarios that might be being considered on demand, revenue and equity.

Advice on cutting-edge technology

Fare collection technology is evolving rapidly. We understand how our clients can adopt cutting-edge fare collection technology to improve their revenue levels. Our consultants have worked with clients to develop the business case and procure next-generation ticketing technology in several jurisdictions in Australia and overseas and have undertaken reviews of ticketing projects during implementation.

Negotiation advice

NineSquared has experience facilitating negotiation between operators and the government. We have worked extensively for private and government clients. We have a thorough understanding of the issues they are facing that may become sticking points in negotiation. We help our clients identify potential sticking points and propose compromises that we know will work while achieving the desired objectives.