Demand forecasting is critical for smart decision-making in business. It helps businesses and governments predict likely future demand, estimate revenue and evaluate a decision’s risk and desirability.

Demand forecasting helps businesses and governments understand future demand for a service or product. This can help organisations understand future demand and revenue resulting from different price settings, different product characteristics or different markets.

For governments, our demand forecasting expertise can help policy-makers understand future funding or subsidy requirements associated with different potential policy settings or the impact on demand of making (or not making) an infrastructure investment.

Demand forecasting expertise

We can apply a range of demand forecasting techniques depending on your requirements and data availability.

  • Choice modelling – We analyse consumer behaviour through stated preference and revealed preference modelling to inform your demand forecast.
  • Time series analysis of historical data – We extract meaningful statistical information from points arranged in chronological order to diagnose past behaviour and predict future behaviour.
  • Development and assessment of demand curves – We assess all relevant economic and non-economic factors to create a causal demand model.
  • Trend analysis and seasonality – We analyse trends to determine potential seasonal impacts.
  • Risk and uncertainty – We can incorporate risk and uncertainty into demand forecasts
  • Demand and supply chain analysis – We can provide you with the demand forecasts to help you design an efficient and optimised supply chain.

Benefits of our demand forecasting services

Capital acquisition strategies

NineSquared work with clients to advise on the best time to replace critical capital items, such as operational vehicles and other infrastructure. By understanding likely demand for services,  our clients can determine the best times to invest or replace capital assets.

Funding applications

NineSquared can assist organisations to make a compelling case in funding applications. When distributing funding, governments often want to see a demonstration that the project will generate revenue at a certain point to justify the funding allocation. Demand forecasts are often placed under heavy scrutiny during this process and need a solid evidence base.

Advice on supply chain structure

NineSquared provides expert advice on the structuring of a sensible and efficient supply chain. Our estimates on the demand for goods and services can help businesses to finetune the optimal quantity of the goods and services to deliver to market.

Advice on market entry

Our demand forecasting expertise can help businesses decide when and how to enter a new market. We enable our clients to act with a greater understanding of the likely future demand for their goods and services and risks associated with that demand so they can make strategic investment decisions.

Policy development

NineSquared can provide input into policy decisions. We have incorporated forecasts into a range of policy development processes to give decision-makers a better understanding of the impact of policy initiatives on demand for services, including how this may translate into achieving policy objectives and how this may impact future costs.