Our work enriches clients’ decision-making with evidence-based insights.

Decision making informed by our rigorous analysis and data-driven insights will provide greater confidence about the value of your policy-making, regulatory decisions and future investments. It ensures that your decisions are made with a richer understanding of the potential issues, implications and risks.

Make the case for change

We can help you make the case for new projects or policies by evaluating the economic and financial impact of policies, programs and reforms, predicting their financial, economic and social value, and analysing the risk profile of different options.

From strategic assessments to detailed business cases, we are experts in the application of economic techniques and commercial principles to option and project evaluation. Our rigorous economic analyses can assist you to better understand and communicate the economic, financial and social impact of your project, policy or initiative through the development of economic impact assessments, contribution studies and a range of other economic frameworks.


Shape public policy

By applying economic principles and frameworks to public policy development and analysis, NineSquared provides clients in the public and private sectors with a rigorous assessment of policy options and impacts that can inform and influence decision-makers.

For businesses, we can help you develop a data-led policy agenda to help position your firm or industry with relevant policymakers.

For policymakers, we help you design policies and regulatory frameworks, applying economic principles and theory to provide insights into how you can better achieve policy objectives and regulatory outcomes.


  • Seaweed Offsets Project: Design an economically efficient offsets program for seaweed
  • Stock Route Pricing Assessment: Assessing regulatory fee options for the use of stock routes as part of a  regulatory impact assessment process
  • Revenue Protection Strategy: Applying economic principles to the development revenue protection policies and enforcement activities
  • Athens Convention RIS Development: Regulatory Impact Assessments

Measure outcomes

We understand that large projects can require a diverse set of skills and capabilities to support decision-making. When projects are large, the analysis underpinning the conclusions can often be complex and assurance that the analysis is appropriately robust is required.

We use several assurance frameworks when undertaking reviews for clients. These frameworks centre on providing confidence assessments on key focus areas based on risk. The assurance frameworks are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and the program or project under review. Through our peer reviews, gateway reviews and other assurance processes, you can have confidence that your business case is underpinned by rigorous analysis.

How we can help

NineSquared helps clients make and influence decisions about their most complex
investment, regulatory or public policy problems. We identify impacts and implications, including the expected financial, economic and social value that will be gained and the risk profile of different options, to help you make decisions supported by data.

Our structured economic analysis, combined with the experience of our industry and sector
experts, allows us to deliver evidence-based insights and analyse the specific issues facing
organisations and governments in their decision making across transport, water, resources
and the environmental and social infrastructure sectors.