NineSquared are experts in the analysis and design of public policy for clients in the government sector. Our policy recommendations are informed by insights from in-depth economic analysis and objective evidence.

Our Services

We provide strategic advice to National, State and Local government departments across Australia and overseas on important policy and regulatory issues.

Our economic services to governments include:

  • Evidence-based policy development: Policy creation and innovation, and analysis of the distributional effects of policy initiatives
  • Policy evaluation, Regulation Impact Statements (RIS) and regulatory impact analysis: Using economic principles to provide a framework for thinking about regulatory design and regulatory analysis
  • Assessing the financial and operational impacts of policies: Advise on market failure, externalities, public goods, and the impact on economic efficiency of different financing methods
  • Regulatory reviews and regulatory impact assessments: Investigating the economic effects of taxi regulation, bus contracting, airport regulation and infrastructure access arrangements.
  • Pricing proposals: Developing pricing proposals for input into regulatory impact assessments in relation to Stock Routes
  • Estimating demand: Estimating the demand for freight hubs for agricultural produce on the Sunshine Coast
  • Strategic road mapping: Developing road maps for investment in ticketing systems (ACT)

How The Public Sector Is Changing

Key trends impacting the public sector include:

  • Funding pressures: Increased budgetary pressures and the pressure to deliver more with less
  • Managing demographic changes: Australia’s population is ageing and there are an increasing demands on infrastructure and population
  • Customer demands: Responding to customer demands and expectations about service levels in light of private sector initiatives about personalisation, online first and ‘same day delivery’ timeframes
  • Outsourced service delivery: Service delivery means the public sector needs to develop new skills (contract management, procurement design) while maintaining its policy skills base as well

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