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Phil Bullock

Phil leads NineSquared’s Sydney office and brings almost 20-years of public and private sector experience in transport and infrastructure planning to the firm. Phil’s recent experience includes over six years at Transport for NSW (TfNSW) where he successfully led people and projects in highly diverse settings including infrastructure planning, infrastructure program management, strategy development and governance and funding reform. This included implementing a major organisational change program for the agencies’ business intelligence function and reforms to ensure a more consistent approach to infrastructure planning across the NSW Government.

Phil has held various senior advisory roles in Deloitte, Saha International and AECOM where he led projects across Australia as well as in New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Phil has a BSc in Applied Economic Geography from the University of New South Wales and a Master of Logistics Management from Sydney University.

Selected project experience

  • Collaborated with KPMG to undertake a detailed analysis heavy vehicle regulatory activities in NSW for Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Led a review of NSW government regulatory frameworks and policy for Gladesville Bridge Marina to assist with proposal to expand the marina.
  • Assisted Campbelltown City Council with analysis of alignment options for the North South Rail Project.
  • Prepared a submission on behalf of Campbelltown City Council to advise how the Government should best deliver a fast rail network to improve connectivity across the State of NSW.
  • Provided an external review of the draft National Freight and Supply Chain strategy for Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development.
  • Conducted a regional rail networks study for Department of Infrastructure. Transport, Cities and Regional Development as part of a broader study relevant to the inland rail project.
  • Assisted TfNSW by investigating issues with the operation of the NSW empty container supply chain, and options for improving the movement of containers into and out of Port Botany, in addition to their utilization.
  • Facilitated a workshop for Local Land Services to help explore reforms to the pricing and management of NSW Travelling Stock Reserves.
  • Prepared a paper for Infrastructure Australia on current issues and future directions of transport modelling as part of the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit.
  • Provided drafting and technical support to Infrastructure Australia on the freight and and transport congestion chapters of the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit
  • Provided support to TfNSW in its preparation of a whole-of-government submission to the Legislative Council Public Works Committee inquiry into the Impact of Port of Newcastle sale arrangements on public works expenditure.
  • Developed the NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023
    Reformed the business intelligence group within Transport for NSW, including establishing Open Data Policy and publishing new and improved data on public transport use and freight and land use forecasts
  • Established NSW Common Planning Assumptions to improve consistency in modelling, assumptions and the use of data across key NSW Government economic and infrastructure planning projects
  • Coordinated the development of the Easing Sydney’s Congestion program proposal
  • Led public transport integration and freight management plan for the NorthConnex unsolicited project proposal
  • Facilitated road access improvements for NSW heavy vehicle operators including expanding network access for B-triples in regional NSW
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