As the world becomes more complicated and connected, solving difficult problems demands objective, nuanced insights into the question at hand.

To make informed decisions, decision-makers must understand and consider an increasingly complex set of issues, trends and data about issues that could impact their desired outcomes. Without a grasp of the data, understanding how interactions between different stakeholders might influence an outcome can be difficult.

Given the ever-increasing amount of available data, it’s important to develop an accurate picture of how global and local trends may affect a proposed course of action.

Understand global and local trends

Whether it’s understanding the rise of micro-mobility on the transport sector or assessing the impact of demographic changes on public transport, we can help you understand and prepare for how economic, demographic and social trends might impact on your business strategy or policy agenda.


  • Developing demographic and population forecasts for planning: Working with the NSW Department of Planning to develop population forecasts to be used as inputs into the planning and evaluation of major projects.

Assess the impact of policy changes

Policy and regulatory changes can have a significant impact on business outcomes. We can help you assess how existing policy and regulatory arrangements and proposed changes may affect future outcomes and opportunities. Our analysis can help inform future negotiating strategy or provide you with the research and insights to position your organisation at the forefront of the policy debate.


  • Assessing the impact of policy changes relating to insurance requirements for cruise ships
  • Estimating the impact of policy changes on fare revenue: Estimated the impact on fare revenue that would potentially be collected by regional bus operators resulting from possible changes in State-wide fare policy.

Develop an evidence base to act

Having a robust and defensible evidence base can be critical to the development of commercial strategy and public policy positions. Our experienced team of analysts can help not only collect the evidence required, but can help you interpret it and present it to assist in influencing decision-makers or building support for a proposed policy position or commercial strategy.


Forecast the future

Developing a view about the future is a critical component in making great decisions. We can assist in developing robust forecasts about demographic outcomes, demand forecasts and supply forecasts. Forecasts can be used to inform your strategy development, business planning and investment appraisal, as well as identifying supply bottlenecks that may constrain future growth.


  • Estimating the Demand for Rail Services in North Queensland

How We Can Help

NineSquared’s economists and industry experts cut through the complexity by applying rigorous economic analysis and industry experience to ensure our clients focus on the things that matter.

Combining economic analysis and industry experience with a strong focus on data, we provide our clients with actionable insights about the world and how they impact on the decisions that they need to make.