We use rigorous economic research and evidence based analysis to create insights that help our clients answer their most important questions.

Applying economic frameworks and analysing our clients’ problems means more than simply building a model. Our analysis gives our clients a richer picture of the present and help them make the right decisions for the future.

We provide our clients with actionable, evidence-based insights informed by an understanding of the economy, incentives and interactions that make up our daily lives.

Whether you’re seeking to decide on an investment, inform a commercial negotiation or deciding between policy alternatives, we can help using applied economic analysis to enhance your decision-making.

Economic expertise

We have expertise across a wide spectrum of applied economic analysis and research tasks, including:

Demographic and economic trend analysis

We identify and analyse the major demographic and economic trends that impact your commercial strategy or policy initiative to provide you with pragmatic insights.

Pricing strategy

Finding the right price for your service or product can be a challenge. We develop pricing strategies, tailored to your unique industry and designed to maximise your commercial returns as well as analyse how competitors and customers are likely to react.

Regulatory pricing

We can audit both the build up and application of regulatory pricing to ensure that proposed pricing is consistent with the agreed pricing principles and regulatory framework.

Regulatory and long-term contract design

We provide practical insights to help you develop effective and efficient long-term contractual or regulatory arrangements. Our recommendations ensure that incentives are appropriate, objectives are met, and the outcomes are fair for all parties.

Demand forecasting

Accurately predicting future demand for a good or service is essential for making smart business decisions. Our demand forecasts can inform investment decisions, estimate revenue outcomes, and provide valuable insights into public policy initiatives and strategies.

Economic impact assessments

We can assess the economic impact of your proposed investment, initiative, policy and regulation on the community and specific sectors of the economy through economic impact assessments, regulatory impact statements and economic contribution studies to provide an understanding of the impact of projects on employment outcomes and on local, regional and national economic growth.

Cost-benefit analysis

Our cost-benefit analysis is designed to help you estimate the social and financial costs of proposed projects and investments to assist in project prioritisation and selection, ensuring that projects are net contributors to social welfare. We give you confidence that you are making the right decision through quantifiable evidence.

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