Rachael Marshall - NineSquared

Rachael Marshall

Rachael Marshall is a Manager at NineSquared and has over 10 years’ experience spanning research and state government sectors in environmental sciences, maritime operations and infrastructure, strategic planning and operational program delivery across QLD, NSW, and WA.

Rachael has a Doctor of Philosophy in marine science from the University of Queensland and brings a wide range of experience with her to the NineSquared team. She has both technical and professional skillsets in the fields of environment and conservation research and management, maritime infrastructure and operations, sustainable development, governance and regulatory reform, and an overarching passion to apply science, economics and tested practices to ethical decision making and rigorous feasibility assessments. Prior to joining NineSquared, Rachael held a number of positions in the maritime and ports sector in Queensland and Western Australia.

Selected project experience:

  • Infrastructure Investment Risk and Assurance Program Reviews (IIRAP), assisting the Australian Government ensure that their significant infrastructure investment program funding is achieving identified transport infrastructure transport policy objectives and value for money through the projects it funds.
  • Marine offset economic model development – investigating feasibility of carbon and nitrogen marine offsets in aquaculture, specifically shellfish and seaweed in Australia.
  • NSW dredging review of high use boating navigation channels, including a dredging market review, demand forecast and review of existing dredging regulatory approval processes.
  • Development of a Regulatory Impact Statement and cost benefit analysis for Australia’s accession to the Athens Convention (2002) relating to Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea (PAL)
  • Strategic review for the Gladesville Bridge Marina expansion project, assessing the alignment with all relevant NSW planning strategies, environmental planning instruments and development control plans.
  • Various environmental offset projects in Western Australia to monitor impacts of industrial development on marine ecosystems.
  • Development of Government / Industry collaborative Western Australian Oiled Wildlife Response Plans, including resource requirements and scalable response plans for regional coastline areas including the Kimberley and Pilbara.
  • Large-scale pesticide monitoring across Great Barrier Reef Catchments as part of the Paddock to Reef Queensland Government Initiative.
  • Coding system development for farm management practices for Environmental Management Plans as part of the Reef Regulation implementation.
  • Socioeconomic assessment of marine resource management in Fiji