Naidhruv Singh - NineSquared

Naidhruv Singh

Naidhruv is an economist and manager at NineSquared. Naidhruv’s expertise lies in economic modelling including contribution analysis, infrastructure appraisals, and regulatory economics. He also has extensive experience in commercial modelling and advisory services, geospatial analysis, and data visualisation and analytics. Naidhruv has experience in a range of sectors, having provided services to clients in the freight and transport, water, health, and sport industries. Naidhruv’s strengths lie in offering clients robust analysis and solutions that enable them to make evidence-based business decisions.

Naidhruv holds a Masters of Applied Economics from Macquarie University, and a Bachelor of Science (Economics) from Virginia Tech.

Selected project experience:

  • Investigating the current and future state of freight and high productivity vehicle operations for Regional Development Victoria and the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP). Amongst other workstreams, these assessments include determining a detailed view the current freight task in the region while identifying future freight trends, identifying network constraints and access gaps, and identifying and prioritizing infrastructure investments.
  • Engaged by the Department of Regional Development Manufacturing and Water in Queensland to draft the socio-economic updates of the Logan and Gold Coast catchment Water Plan reviews, and the Condamine-Balonne, Border Rivers-Moonie, and Moreton catchment Ministerial Performance Reports. Each report comprehensively analysed socio-economic changes in areas such as demographics, employment, industry, economy, and water supply and demand over the past decade.
  • Investigated the value of sport and active recreation in NSW for the Office of Sport. The assessment reviewed the economic, social and health impacts of sport and active recreation on a local government area level.
  • Conducted a study of freight in Western Sydney. He carried out detailed freight analytics and developed quantifiable evidence to support the freight narrative.
  • Undertook a strategic, financial and economic assessment of harmonising rollingstock components across Australia’s jurisdictions for the National Transport Commission. In his role, Naidhruv was responsible for quantifying the market for the shortlisted components and developing and utilising an Input-Output model to calculate the potential for economic contribution benefits.
  • Provided dedicated expertise and ongoing support to Freight Victoria in relation to the development and oversight of the Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework.