Mining and energy resource development is a key contributor to the Australian economy. NineSquared offer expert economic analysis and strategic advice to help our clients in the resources and mining sector assess investments and access supply chains.

Our Services

Our clients include private sector resource companies and peak body industry organisations in the mining, oil and natural gas industries.

Our economic services in the mining and resources sector include:

  • Commercial Assessments: Thorough yet comprehensive impact assessments for new mines and expansions
  • Access contract negotiation: Negotiating port, above and below rail access arrangements
  • Economic impact assessments: For input into Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Cost-benefit analysis: Analysis for supporting commodity export infrastructure such as mine-to-port rail lines, port infrastructure and road upgrades for mine access
  • Regulatory assessment: Advice on regulated access arrangements regarding the regulated components of the supply chain (for example, rail and port access)

The NineSquared CV

  • Negotiation of a risk sharing agreement for the introduction of new technology on to a mine site
  • Assessment of investment options (e.g. conveyor vs truck) within a mine site
  • Assessment of a mine investment option
  • Review of a long term supply contract to assess a miners operational risk
  • Assessment of the implication of a regulatory change on a miner and drafting of associated regulatory submissions
  • Negotiation of above and below rail contracts along with port access for a mine expansion