Infrastructure projects often benefit from rigorous economic analysis. We draw on the diverse skills across our company to help our clients better analyse, plan and prioritise infrastructure projects to create sustainable growth.

NineSquared has a long track record of helping clients understand the economic and financial feasibility of infrastructure investments. We work closely with government clients to create business cases for proposed new or expanded infrastructure, identify infrastructure needs, review existing proposals and develop sustainable financing strategies.

Our Services

Our economics experts have in-depth experience analysing the economic merit and strategic fit of proposed infrastructure projects.

Our infrastructure economics services include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis – Infrastructure projects often require the development of a cost-benefit analysis to justify funding and construction and ensure funds are effectively allocated. We help you identify, analyse, quantify and monetise economic benefits to create an accurate, evidence-based business case.
  • Economic and social impact analysis – We assess the economic and social impacts associated with infrastructure projects as part of business case preparation.
  • Infrastructure contributions planning – We provide strategic advice on infrastructure contributions plans to fund the provision of infrastructure and secure land for public purposes.
  • Public investment feasibility – Public sector investment projects face a dynamic environment. We offer dynamic project feasibility and economic viability analysis to ensure your public investment is project proposal is viable and contributes to the community.

The NineSquared CV

  • Nullinga Dam – NineSquared drafted the financial and funding chapters for the Building Queensland Detailed Business Case of the proposed Nullinga dam
  • Port of Townsville – Analysis of the infrastructure required and potential cost of railing from mines in the Mt Isa region to alternative port options
  • Trans-Kalahari Railway – Assessment of the financial viability of a new railway from Botswana to a Namibian port
  • North Coast Line Action Plan – Assessed a range of infrastructure upgrade options for the rail line between Brisbane and Cairns to determine the economically optimal investment strategy
  • Hughenden Irrigation Project – Assessed the economic and financial viability of a range of new dam proposals in the Hughenden region and drafted the economic and financial chapters of the preliminary business case
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