Oscar Pollack - NineSquared

Oscar Pollack

Oscar Pollack is an analyst at NineSquared. He has experience in transport economics, cost-benefit analysis, sports economics, and economic and statistical modelling. 

Prior to joining NineSquared, Oscar completed a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) at the University of Queensland, majoring in Quantitative Methods & Business and Industry, achieving a position on the Dean’s Honour Roll. While at University, Oscar undertook research looking into the relationship between community sports participation and criminal behaviour. He is an experienced economic and statistical modeller. While at NineSquared, he has worked on a range of engagements and research tasks including: 

  • Analysing water data for the Socio-economic updates of the Logan and Gold Coast catchment Water Plan reviews and the Condamine-Balonne and Border Rivers-Moonie catchment Ministerial Performance Reports. 
  • Leading the development of a Cost-Benefit Analysis model for DESBT’s Business Launchpad tool and calculating the revised benefits of the Business Launchpad tool. 
  • Leading the collection of airfares data for both regulated and unregulated routes in Queensland. 
  • Undertaking the collection and cleansing of data relating to public transport fares.