Sydney, NSW


Gladesville Bridge Marina / GHD

Marinas play an important role in facilitating safe use of NSW waterways through the provision of services and facilitates that support boat storage and community access.  Recent studies have shown slow growth in boat storage infrastructure on Sydney Harbour leading to a renewed strategic government focus on improving marine infrastructure to support future growth of the recreational boating sector.

In 2019, NineSquared worked with GHD and the Gladesville Bridge Marina to examine the positioning of the Gladesville Bridge Marina expansion proposal within NSW Government regulatory and policy frameworks. NineSquared assisted GHD address the strategic project assessment requirements under the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEAR) 1268 and reviewed the development against the strategic visions of the NSW state government in improving boat storage on Sydney Harbour and facilitating efficient and safe public access. The work also included a review of documentation and studies prepared by other contractors and provided suggested improvements to ensure strong messaging regarding the strategic context of the project and alignment with NSW Government policy.

Key deliverables included:

  • A description of the rationale for the proposal and suitability of the site for development
  • A description of how the proposal aligns with relevant NSW Government planning strategies/policies, environmental planning instruments, development control plans (DCPs)
  • A description of how the proposed expansion integrates with existing on-site operations;
  • Provision of transport and maritime statistics to assist with justification of the infrastructure expansion
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