Public policy


Public policy

Policy development and project management

Our experts

Robin Barlow – Director.  Robin has more than 20 years experience working in the transport sector and in government.  He has worked for the Commonwealth government as an economist at the Industry Commission and for the Queensland Government where he held a number of senior positions within TransLink. 

Ken Sedgwick– Director.  Ken specialises in public policy, economics, regulation and project assessment. He has extensive experience in the reform and performance assessment of government businesses and agencies, including departments and government owned corporations. He has analysed and advised on issues across many sectors, with recent prominence in the water sector.

Tom Frost – Director. Tom is an economist who has been consulting to industry and government for almost 20 years. He has extensive experience in the provision of regulatory and economic advice to clients. He has provided advice to clients across Australia and internationally regarding investment in transport infrastructure.

Phil Bullock – Director. Phil is an experienced transport professional who has almost 20 years experience consulting to industry and government, as well as holding several senior positions in the NSW public sector. He has extensive experience in infrastructure planning, transport, policy development and the freight sector. 

Richard Steer – Manager. Richard is an experienced manager with experience in program and project management, contract management and finance.  He has undertaken a number of senior roles in the public sector and for government owned corporations,  including a number of senior contract and organisational transformation roles.

Selected projects

Assisted QANTAS develop their submission to the Productivity Commission airport pricing inquiry

Estimation of the budgetary impact to the Queensland Government

Review of proposed changes to taxi regulation in Victoria

Reviewed the bus fare zone structure in major regional Queensland towns

Developed an evidence based strategy guiding future development of a customer focussed channel management strategy for a transit system manager
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