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NineSquared was engaged to undertake a peer review of the risk methodology used for the development of the Preliminary Business Case (PBC) for the Bundaberg Hospital Redevelopment. Our peer review was based on the following “three-stage” approach:

  1. Initial review of project risk material and identify areas of improvement (i.e. “Early Review Advice”)
  2. Review the revised risk-related material prepared by the Project Team and advisors
  3. Provide a final assurance review based on our initial advice and subsequent actions by the project team. 

As part of this peer review, we reviewed workshop outputs, cost plans, summaries and draft chapters. This process identified several key issues which would benefit from additional work. These were reviewed by the project team, with a secondary review undertaken of the updated risk register, risk profile presentation and cost outputs. Where residual issues remained, issues were categorized based on expected materiality. All issues were discussed with the project team and documented in a peer review report.

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