Summer vacationer Stephanie Cipressi joins NineSquared

NineSquared welcomes Stephanie Cipressi, second year engineering and commerce student from UQ to the firm. Stephanie joins the firm for the summer as a vacation analyst and is working on...

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Thoughts on the economics of vehicle emissions regulation

Motor vehicle pollution is a problem within the highly urbanised cities of Australia where vehicles are estimated to contribute up to 70% of total urban air pollution (NSW EPA, 1999)....

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NineSquared obtains pre-qualification for economics and financial-commercial advisory services

NineSquared has been granted pre-qualification under the Queensland Consultants for Engineering Projects prequalification scheme for the following levels - Economic studies - ES3 Financial / Commercial FC2 Commission capacity -...

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NineSquared modelling correctly predicts 90% of RWC2015 pool games

NineSquared's 2015 Rugby World Cup model resulted in a correct prediction of 90 percent of all of the pool games as well as 75 percent of the predicted margins for...

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2015 Fares Benchmark Report in the media

The 2015 Fare Benchmark Report prepared by NineSquared received coverage across a number of media outlets after it was released at the end of September. The report provides a comparison...

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Who will win the Rugby World Cup

NineSquared's Anthony Vine has used some of the same modelling techniques that we offer clients to determine the winner of each game of the Rugby World Cup. We have produced a...

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Recent cost-benefit project moves to next stage

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Anthony Vine


NineSquared recently completed the cost-benefit analysis of the Robert to Foster Road Bruce Highway upgrade in Cairns. We are pleased to see the project move to the detailed design phase....

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NineSquared participates in the Griffith University Economic Intern Program

NineSquared is providing a placement for a third year economics student at Griffith University as part of the University's economic intern program. Under the program, the Griffith student is spending a...

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