NineSquared was engaged by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to undertake a review of Queensland’s rail freight arrangements in western and south-western Queensland.  Our role required a review of existing modal share between road and rail freight, and the underlying factors in determining current and future anticipated modal share.  We conducted a literature review of recent studies outlining the key challenges in shifting freight from road to rail, and overlaid these findings with the Queensland Government’s indicative policy position for rail investment in Queensland.  Our engagement focussed on delivery of a report to the Department outlining the key commercial options to increase rail freight modal share, and recommendation of a preferred option for further analysis and government consideration.


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Rebecca Landon – Rebecca is an experienced commercial consultant and a qualified economist.  She has strong experience working across multi-faceted infrastructure projects, bringing together technical and commercial aspects, particularly in the transport sector in Queensland. Over the past four years she has provided advisory services to the resources sector across Australia and internationally, specialising in the sectors of port and rail.

Date: 2016
Location: Brisbane
Client: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

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