The Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) is a not for profit organisation that works with the Queensland Police Service. The aim of the PCYC is to facilitate and encourage participation in sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs with an aim to improving the lives of individual members and local communities throughout Queensland.

In 2015, the PCYC at Inala proposed a $1.6 million redevelopment of its facilities to increase its gym floor space and to provide additional activity and office space. The additional space provided by the redevelopment is expected to be used by other community organisations for child care and mental care support.

NineSquared was engaged to undertake a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed redevelopment. Funding for the project was sought by PCYC under the Federal Government’s “National Stronger Regions Fund”. The fund provides for 50/50 funding of local community projects. Our report presented the economic and social case for funding of the redevelopment.


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Ben Ellis – Director. Ben is an economist specialising in transport, infrastructure and government advisory. Ben holds a Master of Economics degree in transport economics and has more than 10 years experience in economic advisory.

Anthony Vine – Senior Analyst. Anthony is a Senior Analyst at NineSquared with a focus on transport economics, cost benefit analysis and infrastructure prioritisation. He has undertaken projects for a variety of public and private clients relating to electricity, transport, technology and the arts.

Date: 2015

Location: Brisbane

Client: Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC)


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