NineSquared worked in partnership with the Calcutta Group to prepared two Business Cases for major projects for the Parramatta Park Trust.  To ensure the world-heritage listed park meets the modern demands of increased visitation while maintaining its historic legacy, Parramatta Park Trust is investing in a number of upgrade and conservation projects.  Parramatta Park is currently undergoing a four year capital works program to upgrade facilities and amenities as part of a $21.7 million revitalisation program.

NineSquared prepared a Cost-Benefit Analysis for two major capital projects as part of the overall business case development submitted to the NSW Government for funding allocation.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis estimated the expected costs, both capital and ongoing maintenance expenditure, for the life of the projects, as well as estimated the direct benefit of the projects to park users.  Some of the quantifiable benefits included increased cycling safety due to separation of bike/walking tracks from the road, as well as increased health and well-being, social, and community benefits.

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Rebecca Landon – Rebecca is an experienced commercial consultant and a qualified economist.  She has strong experience working across multi-faceted infrastructure projects, bringing together technical and commercial aspects, particularly in the transport sector in Queensland. Over the past four years she has provided advisory services to the resources sector across Australia and internationally, specialising in the sectors of port and rail.

Date: 2016

Location: Sydney

Client: Parramatta Park

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