NineSquared was engaged by Epic Environmental to prepare an economic assessment for a Queensland mine as part of a federal environmental approval process.

Epic Environmental is a specialist environmental consulting firm who assist clients with environmental strategies and approvals in a range of sectors including resources.  As part of a major project’s environmental approval process, the State and/or Federal Government is required to assess the social and economic impacts of the development of the project.  Accordingly, NineSquared’s economic report covered the broad benefits and adverse impacts to the community associated with the proposed action, and provided a detailed economic assessment of the project.  This assessment included the expected contribution to overall revenue generated to the economy, and the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions created by the project.

NineSquared’s assessment showed that the development of the project in the nominated region will have a range of positive benefits as well as social costs.  Some of the potential adverse impacts include increased burden on the health and education systems arising from increases in local population, as well as housing availability and commercial business and property.  However, consultation with the local community indicated that through appropriate mitigation measures then overall the benefits of development will outweigh the potential costs.  Social benefits included increased jobs both in mining, related industries and in the community as a whole, and increased expenditure on services in the community (such as retail, food and beverages, entertainment).


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Rebecca Landon – Rebecca is an experienced commercial consultant and a qualified economist.  She has strong experience working across multi-faceted infrastructure projects, bringing together technical and commercial aspects, particularly in the transport sector in Queensland. Over the past four years she has provided advisory services to the resources sector across Australia and internationally, specialising in the sectors of port and rail.

Date: 2015

Location: Brisbane

Client: Epic Environmental

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