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Howard Glenn

Howard is a senior public policy expert, working across the public, private and community sectors for over three decades. A strategist and problem solver, Howard has delivered a raft of significant program reforms, encompassing infrastructure delivery, safety regulation, land management, and business system redesign.

Howard’s ten years in senior executive roles in the NSW transport sector has included reforming the vehicle registration business and the commercial vessel regulatory system as well as delivering new ferry wharves and boating infrastructure on Sydney Harbour and across the State.

Howard was part of the policy and regulatory team of the newly formed Transport for NSW, led the State’s maritime program, and TfNSW’s work in coastal land management reform.

Howard has been a keynote speaker at a number of national and international boating industry, safety and human rights conferences

Selected project experience:

  • Legislative and program reform of the NSW commercial vessel industry regulatory scheme, and design of the architecture of the national maritime safety scheme
  • Vehicle Registration Reform Program, reworking business and regulatory systems to remove obstacles to expanded online transactions, to introduce variable registration terms and reduce unnecessary vehicle inspections
  • Modernising and streamlining the State’s maritime legislation and remaking the boating licence and registration system to the new Government Licensing System.
  • Steering Committee for the Sydney Ferry franchising, and negotiations on fast ferry and other private ferry contracts
  • South Australian Coastal Infrastructure Strategy
  • Grew the annual spend on boating infrastructure from $1.5 m per year to $14m per year, culminating in the NSW Boating Now infrastructure program, and 10 detailed regional boating infrastructure plans
  • Led the $90m Commuter Wharf Upgrade Program, Sydney Harbour Wharf Access Policy, Sydney Harbour Boat Storage Strategy, Sydney Harbour Destinations Program
  • Design and implementation of the International Life Jacket Wear Principles
  • Review of Sydney Harbour property policies and procedures
  • Oversight of major communication campaigns and events programs