18 November, 2015

NineSquared has been granted pre-qualification under the Queensland Consultants for Engineering Projects prequalification scheme for the following levels –

  • Economic studies – ES3
  • Financial / Commercial FC2
  • Commission capacity – Fees over $500,000

Prequalification at the ES3 levels  levels reflects NineSquared’s expertise in economic studies, particularly in transport and our track record in delivery of economic studies associated with some of the largest transport economics projects in Queensland.

  • theoretical principles underpinning transport economic analyses and related sectoral work
  • detailed understanding and application of available tools to undertake economic analysis for transport infrastructure projects, both at the project and program level
  • ability to undertake cost-benefit analyses of transport infrastructure, in accordance with both Australian and Queensland Government reporting requirements
  • understanding of techniques and principles underpinning state and regional economic modelling
  • ability to undertake economic impact analysis methods, techniques and studies, and
  • ability to undertake economic and public policy analysis

ES3 means that NineSquared is pre-qualified for projects with the following characteristics

  • Applied project evaluation methods, using cost benefit analysis (including standard project evaluation methodology and techniques), local industry economic studies and local investment impact analysis. Economic assessments under this category may include road and bridge infrastructure projects in regional and rural areas. Specific projects might include, but not limited to, a project cost-benefit analysis of a bypass, overtaking lanes and/or highway widening.
  • Applied economic assessments which may include a program-level evaluation, sub-regional industry study, sub-regional investment impact analysis and/or sub-regional investment strategy analysis. Economic assessments under this category may include, but not limited to, road and bridge infrastructure assets in urban, regional and rural areas. Specific projects might include a costs-benefit analysis of upgrades to national highways, major bypasses, major intersections and interchanges, flooding and/or capacity upgrade projects. Economic assessments at a project level may also need to consider public transport projects with related issues resource correction and various regional planning issues.
  • Applied analysis involving regional and state-wide economic impact analyses to inform project proposals and development of state-wide road investment strategies. Emphasis is placed on proven economic modelling techniques and understanding of linkages between investment in transport infrastructure and impacts on the broader economy. Analysis at the project or program level will be of state-wide and national significance, relating to contribution to economic output and/or improvements to productivity. Major infrastructure projects that encompass large scale infrastructure and considers impacts on wider economy and land-use developments.

Financial commercial pre-qualification at the FC2 level means that we are pre-qualified to provide the following services to the State Government.

  • Applied financial analysis methods, including discounted cash flow techniques, with an emphasis on whole-of-life costs assessments. Evaluations are to be conducted in accordance with Australian and Queensland Government reporting requirements.
  • Applied financial analysis for larger scale transport related infrastructure project assessments. Analysis is more complex, with broader emphasis on commercial aspects of the project. Analysis should consider market conditions, risk allocation and procurement related issues that may impact on the project (i.e., funding, delivery and timing). Projects in this category are often of sub-regional, regional and/or national significance in terms of impacts and scale of investment.
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