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Our experts

Robin Barlow – Director.  Robin has more than 20 years experience working in the transport sector and in government.  He has worked for the Commonwealth government as an economist at the Industry Commission and for the Queensland Government where he held a number of senior positions within TransLink. 

Tom Frost – Director. Tom is an economist who has been consulting to industry and government for almost 20 years. He has extensive experience in the provision of regulatory and economic advice to clients. He has provided advice to clients across Australia and internationally regarding investment in transport infrastructure.

Steve Richards – Director. Steve is an accomplished strategy, policy and infrastructure advisory leaders in the public and private sectors, with extensive and strong experience across both economic and social markets. Steve’s expertise includes team management and leadership, organisational reviews, project leadership and assurance (including Gateway Reviews), business case development, due-diligence, major and complex procurement including Public Private Partnership projects and international development assistance. 

Selected projects

Development of new bus contracting models for services across the State

Review of Aurizon Network’s proposed pricing of the GAPE below rail services

Developed an innovative risk sharing model between Peabody and Yancoal to facilitate the introduction of top coal caving technology into a Queensland mine for the first time

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