2016 Fare Benchmarking Report released

NineSquared release the 2016 Fares Benchmark Report which compares public transport fares in each capital city in Australia against 18 cities across the world ranking cities by the number of minutes that would have to be worked at minimum wage in each city to pay for a return journey.

The 2016 report follows on from the inaugural benchmark report published in 2015 and provides information on how fares and minimum wages have changed over the past 12 months. Key insights from the report include:

  • Of the 24 cities included in the 2015 report, only seven cities increased fares between 2015 and 2016. Of these London only increased fares for 1 zone trips.
  • Of the seven cities that increased fares, 5 were in Australia. Only Brisbane and Sydney were the only capital cities not to increase fares between 2015 and 2016.
  • A 15 km return trip in London would require a person on minimum wage to work 51.67 minutes – the same trip in Beijing would only require 9.63 minutes of work
  • Perth was the cheapest place in Australia to make a 15km return trip on public transport – narrowly beating Hobart for the title of cheapest in Australia.
  • Brisbane (South East Queensland) remained the most expensive in Australia, requiring 29.49 minutes of work at minimum wage, slightly ahead of Sydney Buses (at 28.48 minutes)

Download a copy of the report here.



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